Most large companies know the value of a loyalty program, whether or not they implement it. Asking your current customers to buy your product or service again is often a natural effect of a product of quality. But do you know that your customers are enthusiastically endorsing your brand to their friends, family, and colleagues without a reward or acknowledgment from you?

According to WOMMAPEDIA, 66% of consumers, whether online or offline, talk positively about brands when presenting or promoting your brand. Think of all the people who are on your Facebook page or who have “liked” your brand. Think about all the people in your loyalty program, if you have one. They are advocates promoting your brands to their social networks online and offline.

The number of advocates you have can be greatly increased by acknowledging them, thanking them, nurturing them, and of course rewarding them. A reward isn’t necessarily discounting your product or service. Sometimes, it is VIP status for a laser center. Other times it is getting a first view of the new game for a video game manufacturer. Look to what your advocates want the most and give it to them by referring your company.

My trusted friend has been going to a chiropractor and she has convinced her husband to see the chiropractor, too. She feels so good after getting adjusted that she tells everyone who will listen about her experience. Andrea’s recommendation has convinced other friends to go. They have raved about it, even ones who have been skeptical about going to a chiropractor. That is the power of brand advocacy.

So, is it necessary that you have all your brand advocates screaming your company’s message from the rooftops? Of course it is! They will be your spokespersons who promote your company and brands.Their relationships will bring in customers as they spread the word. What could be better than that?