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Why referral marketing?

According to Gartner, referral marketing is a channel that offers a high volume of excellent, low cost leads.

What is referral marketing?

Referral marketing is the process of leveraging customers, partners or employees to refer their personal and professional network to your product or service. With an automated referral marketing program companies can obtain personalized lead generation at scale.

Customer, partners and employees; lead generation; referral marketing

Customers, partners and employees

A man and woman talking to each other about your business. A referral taking place. Growing your business with referral marketing.

Refer people who are a fit for your product

Arrow pointing up showing growth from referral marketing programs.

Substantially growing your business

When a current customer, partner or employee refers people to you, those referrals are the highest quality because they come from a trusted source who knows your brand and knows the person they referred to you. This way, referral marketing extends the bond of trust that was previously built between the advocate and their network to include your brand.

Marketers need more high quality leads

Research from B2B Magazine shows top priority is getting leads

Generating new leads is the #1 challenge marketers are facing according to respondents. And with budgets only tightening and channels like PPC’s cost per lead increasing, it has become more important than ever before to make sure that organic channels like referral marketing are delivering high quality leads.

Referral programs that are enhanced with automation and sales enablement provide an organic channel for marketing and direct sales professionals with simple tools for driving a consistent flow of high quality leads.  Salespeople have all the information they need to contact and nurture advocates and prospects and facilitate seamless communication with referrals to dramatically increase the numbers of leads converting to customers .

Your prospects trust their peers

As marketers we know that word of mouth occurs in our ecosystems and that it can have a powerful impact on buying decisions.  A study by Epsilon exemplifies this influence and the reason for it—namely TRUSTWORTHINESS.

People trust recommendations from friends or colleagues more far more than content received from marketing programs.

Chart showing the most trustworthy source of information. Buyers trust peer influencers through referral marketing.

Find out if a referral marketing program is right for you by taking a quick quiz

Referral program fit quiz. Yes or no direction sign to help decide if referrals are right for you.

How effective is referral marketing?


4X yellow image to show referral marketing has a 4x better than traditional marketing.
more than other leads


higher lifetime value
Harvard Business Review


lower churn rate
Harvard Business Review

What analysts are saying

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