Customer Marketing has gotten to be a VERY exciting role with in an organization.  Their responsibilities have changed from being librarians of reference systems to strategically owning the customer journey.  See this article about the new trends of customer obsessed marketing. On paper, it is just another job description, but anyone who knows how disparate the ownership of the customer journey is knows what an incredible challenge customer marketers have before them.

I’ve always loved a challenge and if I were in a different place in my career, I would definitely be vying for a Customer Marketing role.  Here’s why:

1. It’s highly strategic: In order to influence the entire customer journey, Customer Marketing will need to take a highly strategic approach and navigate the waters of the many departmental silos that interact with the customer along the way. This requires a clear vision for the overall value to the company and the ability to communicate that to each department. It takes a long time to prepare to climb Mount Everest. Customer Marketing needs to be the Sherpa.

2. They will lead a transformation: If Customer Marketing can indeed be the strategic Sherpa, then they will be leading their company through a radical transformation. But unlike the transformation that has happened to IT, no one has any idea where this transformation will lead. As a strategic approach is taken to engage the customer throughout their journey, we may see major departmental responsibility changes or big shifts in operational investment. As long as the customer experience is kept in focus, the change will all be good.

3. There will be a clear impact on revenue: Keeping customers more engaged just fundamentally sounds good, but there are many areas where customer Marketing will be involved in creating new revenue for the company. There is no greater job satisfaction then directly seeing your work create revenue. As Customer Marketing takes a key role in Advocacy solutions, they will be able to not just get reviews and content from customers, but also referrals – both for cross sell and new business. A smart demand generation marketer will align closely with Customer Marketing as they will wield some serious power.

4. They will harness new technology: In order to have an impact on things like advocacy and cross sell, new technology will be adopted. This means trying out the latest and greatest, figuring out how it integrates to existing systems and proving value. Solving business problems with technology is lots of work, but also lots of fun to see it come to fruition.

5. It will be a challenge: While it probably goes without saying (even though I’ve mentioned it multiple times), Customer Marketing faces a Goliath. To be successful, customer marketers will need to have the confidence to stand up to the plate and keep slinging focused shots at the giant project before them.

While I may never carry a Customer Marketer title, I will be a huge supporter of their cause. So get out there Customer Marketers and go create a new future for your companies where customer obsession is the norm! I can’t wait to see where the journey will take you!

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