My family has two cats. One is an orange cat. One is a black cat. And we have this weird thing that happens in our house– my nine year-old son and his buddies like to have Nerf Gun battles, and they shoot these fluorescent orange foam bullets at each other.

Nerf bullets for brand advocacy The bullets end up behind curtains, under sofas – everywhere. The weird thing I mentioned, is that a couple hours after they finish a fight, our orange cat walks mechanically around the house, collects the orange bullets, and deposits them in a specific location – just outside our kitchen. Then he meows repeatedly, at a very specific pitch, sort of like a submarine sonar. My daughter pets the orange cat and tells him he is a good kitty while he picks up the bullets. The black cat watches all of this without helping in any way. The black cat has never retrieved even a single foam bullet.

Having looked at data across many of our clients here at Amplifinity, I can tell you that these cats are a lot like your customers, and my daughter has the right idea. Be good to the black cat, but don’t spend too much time trying to get him to do stuff he isn’t going to do. Likewise, don’t waste too much money chasing customers who will never advocate for you.

We consistently observe that there will always be a segment of your customers who take on the role of serial brand advocate. These customers will dutifully and tirelessly serve your brand whenever you ask. And like my daughter rewards the orange cat for gathering up the bullets, you need to reward these customers every time they refer a new prospect or advocate for your brand. In fact, once this group gets going, they will become upset if you don’t give them an extra pat on the back. Our orange cat now meows loudly until someone tbrand advocate cathanks him for retrieving each individual Nerf bullet. Trust me, you don’t want to get a call from an angry customer like him! He might sharpen his claws on your sofa if you forget to show him your appreciation.

At Amplifinity, our data shows that escalating rewards is an excellent means by which to nurture serial brand advocacy. Our software platform makes these types of programs possible, even if it is across thousands or even millions of customers. And, our detailed process flows and integrations make sure that the orange cats get rewarded every time.