Communication is the key to success for many things, especially a referral program. You’ve done the hard work of building your program and recruiting referral sources, now you need to keep them engaged. Here are some communication tips that can make a difference when trying to keep your sources engaged and active in your referral program.

Automate communication based on program status

A great place to start is setting up automated communication based on different statuses within your program. Once your customer, partner or other referral source is actively making referrals, you don’t want them to disengage from your program because of a lack of communication. Provide transparency, especially around the status of those submitted referrals currently in progress. By setting up automated communications triggered as the referral status changes, you can ensure that your referral sources will stay engaged while waiting for a referral to become successful.

Nurture communication based on program activity

There are a few different types of nurturing communications you can send to your referral sources to keep them engaged in your program between referrals:

  • Training Communication – If a referral source has a high number of referrals, but little or no success, send an email that helps educate the referral source on the target buyer and value proposition to ensure they are referring the right companies/people with the right message.
  • Engagement communication – If a referral source has low referral activity send an email that reinforces the product value proposition and the target buyer. You can also remind them where to find referrals and how to ask for them.
  • Educational communication – If a referral source logged in within a set number of days, but didn’t make a referral you can provide information on how to make a referral, what happens to a referral once it’s submitted and, again, reinforce the product value proposition and target buyer.
  • Thank you communication – If a referral source has a high number of successful referrals you can create a kudos campaign to recognize their efforts and encourage them to keep referring.

Regular Program Communications

Lastly, you can send out regular program communications. These regular value-added communications can keep referrals top-of-mind for everyone in your program. Topics you can focus on for these types of communications include:

  • Target buyer/persona spotlight with corresponding value prop.
  • A leaderboard of top members by referral success.
  • Tips on asking for referrals.
  • Success stories – highlight a story on how someone generated a successful referral.
  • Testimonials – get quotes on how great the program is and how easy it is to earn rewards.
  • How to earn incentives – the criteria needed and how payments are sent out.

The more you regularly communicate with your referral sources, the better engaged they will be – and engaged referral sources can help to increase the revenue generated by your referral program.

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