Amplifinity announces 2014 milestones and achievements

ANN ARBOR, Mich. February 5, 2015 — Amplifinity, the global leader in technology-driven referral amplification software, today announced significant milestones from the past fiscal year.

In 2014, Amplifinity achieved its 3rd consecutive year of revenue growth (and has increased revenue every year since inception), increasing subscription commitments from 2013 to 2014 by more than 95%. Customer retention rates remain over 94%. Now working with major Fortune 1000 enterprises to provide complete referral tracking and management in order to turn customer, employee, and partner advocacy into revenue.

Key Amplifinity achievements in 2014 included:

  • Series B Funding: New investment led by Draper Triangle, a member of the DFJ network, allowed Amplifinity to continue significant product enhancement and innovation while also supporting staff growth, especially in sales and marketing.
  • Software Innovation: Among many new product enhancements:
    • Amplifinity launched a new version of its Control Room (the client portal) with improved capabilities allowing marketers to optimize and manage their programs. This includes advanced capabilities for brands to deliver a sophisticated user experience for their brand advocates and prospects.
    • Amplifinity added an A/B testing email capability which provides marketers with greater insight into what does and doesn’t work when recruiting and incentivizing brand advocates.
  • Cross-Industry Customer Growth: Amplifinity’s customer base has seen tremendous growth across industries such as software, telecommunications/communications, business to business services, education, financial services, energy, insurance, and medical services, providing a stable and diverse customer base.
  • Expanded Engagements: Existing customers have expanded their engagements by adding employee, customer, and partner referral programs to existing commitments.
  • Strengthening Executive Team: In 2014, Amplifinity promoted Larry Angeli to lead the company as CEO, and also added Jeff Taylor as Vice President of Sales and Joel Van Haaften as Vice President of Client Success, both new and expanded positions necessitated by company growth and expansion. Amplifinity is also hiring a CMO, another new position, to continue to strengthen market presence and thought leadership.
  • Continued Staff Expansion: Amplifinity increased staff by more than 50% from 2013 to 2014.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Amplifinity continued to expand its strategic partnerships including becoming an Oracle gold partner, allowing Amplifinity and Oracle to provide unique and effective joint solutions to customers of both companies.
  • Industry Thought Leadership: Amplifinity continued contributing to its popular blog and issued white papers widely recognized by the referral community.

 “More and more enterprises are looking at a new way of referral marketing that increases revenue in tangible ways,” said Larry Angeli, CEO of Amplifinity. “The way in which Amplifinity automates, tracks, and manages referrals is so simple and configurable for our customers and for their customers, but it is truly revolutionizing the way that enterprises sell and market. Ultimately, our referral amplification software has created a new channel of customer acquisition for the companies we work with.”

About Amplifinity

Amplifinity’s referral amplification software turns customer, employee and partner advocacy into revenue. Our platform provides complete referral tracking and management with 100% accuracy so none are missed. Some of the largest enterprises in the country trust Amplifinity to enable high-quality acquisition while providing an engaging, fully-branded experience for their advocates.