Referral software for disruptive SaaS growth

SaaS companies drive more conversions from referrals with an average conversion rate from lead to purchase of 37%.

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SaaS Customer Referral Case Study

This trusted SaaS  company was not seeing consistent engagement from customer advocates. Download to see how referral software increased their average yearly referrals to 40,855.

SaaS Referral Partner Case Study

This SaaS leader saw the potential of referrals, but wasn’t sure how to scale across all of their referral partners. Download to see how referral automation now drives 50% of new business.

Referral software increases SaaS customer acquisition

Gif transitioning between different analytics dashboards on Amplifinity referral program software.

SaaS marketers are challenged to send a steady flow of high quality leads to their sales team counterparts and demonstrate measurable ROI.

Disruptive SaaS companies like Citrix, ADP, Abila and GoToMeeting  know that the highest quality leads with the lowest acquisition cost are referrals. Whether the referral is a customer referring your product to their network or a partner referring their customer base, referrals are a highly effective way to drive SaaS lead generation.

Leverage your customers and partners to generate referrals and supply a steady stream of new business to your door. Create a scalable customer referral program that will accomplish your lead generation goals. And with both non-managed and managed referral partner programs available, you can design a referral partner program that aligns with your channel partner strategy.

Scale and streamline your referral program

Referral program produce unparalleled lead generation, with automated and scalable referral programs becoming the top if not the #1 driver of new customer acquisition.  That’s why enterprise SaaS companies turn to Amplifinity to:

  • Enable sales to drive referrals by integrating referral program data and functionality into Salesforce in as little as 30 minutes with the managed app.
  • Streamline multiple referral program and have them run on a single platform.
  • Remove IT involvement by automating referral attribution and reward distribution.
  • Create a fully white labeled experience for advocates by having the referral program mirror the look and feel of a brand’s web presence.
  • Optimize the referral program with detailed insight and analytics into advocates, advocate activity, referrals, and overall program trends.
Gif that shows referral program software fuctionality in Salesforce. Salesforce contact list. Salesforce lead list. Salesforce advocate profile. Salesforce advocate details. Salesforce referral details.

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