Expanding your sales reach with referral automation

The world of sales and marketing have never been so intertwined as they are today. Everyone is looking for ways to align sales and marketing, so much so that it has been named ‘Smarketing’.  As marketing continues to frantically search for new ways to produce the highest quality leads, organic acquisition by way of customer referrals has become of increasing strategic importance. Referral automation technology has allowed the marketing department to increase the generation of quality leads and nurture those leads. But the seamless transfer of these leads into the sales lead management process continues to be a challenge. Not to mention the challenge sales faces when trying to extend their reach with the help of their best customers. Luckily, we’re in the position to help sales overcome these challenges.

Our mission as a product team at Amplifinity is to continue to innovate our Referral Automation products to drive organic growth by empowering marketing to generate quality leads through customer referrals, to easily move those leads into the sales process, and to give sales the tools to quickly extend their reach with the help of their best customers.

Today, we are extremely excited to introduce the Amplifinity Connector for Salesforce. This product enhances the power of the Amplifinity Referral Automation platform to improve lead management by shifting the process into Salesforce. This empowers sales by imbuing them with the ability to harness the power of referrals within the Salesforce interface.  A smarketing dream!

The Amplifinity Connector for Salesforce provides features dedicated to harvesting the trust of your customers, partners, and employees to deliver high quality demand generation and unbelievable ROI. These features include:

  • Account Verification And Lead Sync: Automatically verify that a new advocate’s account exists within Salesforce and creates a lead in Salesforce when a prospect is converted in Amplifinity
  • Referral Sourcing Identification: View the Amplifinity Referral Program that produced a specific referral in the Lead views in Salesforce
  • Advocate Status Tracking: View the current enrollment status of an advocate in the contact record
  • Advocate Invite: Send an Amplifinity platform invite to a potential advocate from the contact record

The Amplifinity App’s unique value for aligning sales and marketing

Amplifinity’s new app integration is highly unique. The Amplifinity app is optimized to engage and enable your direct sales team to obtain and nurture high quality leads. By integrating the Amplifinity app into Salesforce you’ll add immense value to your leads and gain advantages such as:

  • Easily Seeing The Referring Advocate: Identify the advocate who made the referral so that you can contact them for more info and thank them for the referral.
  • Easily Inviting Contacts To Become Advocates: With a single click, sales can send an email to a contact to recommend they join the referral program.
  • Quickly Seeing High-Quality Referral Leads: View referral source from your Lead List to immediately prioritize the best leads to follow through on
  • Easy Implementation: Obtain lead routing and field mapping with SSO to access Amplifinity data. In addition, this adds 2 new lead record fields and 2 new contact record fields.

With the technology available today why continue to struggle with aligning sales and marketing teams?  This connector will allow you to empower your marketing and sales teams to work together and achieve an all-inclusive management of referrals with 100% accuracy so no referrals are missed.  Strengthen your marketing and direct sales teams today by exploring the value of the Amplifinity app integrated with Salesforce.

Questions? Email me at Jswenson@amplifinity.com


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