I have a confession to make: I don’t always like sales people.  But over time, I have come to realize that being successful in sales is hard.  I’ve seen it firsthand, through all the times that I have curtly ended a phone conversation (while wishing I hadn’t picked up in the first place).  And all the times I’ve chosen to ignore a prospecting email that arrived in my inbox.   These poor sales reps were doing their job – digging and searching for leads anywhere they could, trying to grow their business. There are stats and benchmarks out there about how many contacts you need to make on average to get a single qualified lead.  I don’t know those numbers by heart, but I can tell you one thing – it’s enough to make sales prospecting a very tough job.

Help your salespeople out

That’s why organizations are always looking for the best possible tools and resources for lead generation.  At Amplifinity we have built our success on the proven value of referral leads, which are cost effective to acquire, close at a higher rate than other leads, and turn into clients that have a higher lifetime value.

But while referral automation programs are often thought of as the purview of the marketing department, the most effective referral programs also leverage the strong relationships that individual sales reps have with their customers.  The most effective programs enable reps to directly ask for referrals in the field, while ensuring that these referrals are a part of the company-wide referral program so that advocates will be rewarded properly and quickly for their successful referrals.

Tracking referrals in Salesforce

Amplifinity’s platform offers a range of useful tools for sales reps.  For Salesforce.com users, tracking referrals in Salesforce is easy! Our platform enables reps to invite their contacts to participate in the referral program with just a single click  In other cases, we’ve configured our system to enable reps with tools such as emails, printed materials, and social media posts to recruit new advocates.  And most importantly, reps can register someone for the referral program and enter a lead on their behalf on the fly, as they are talking to a customer.

While I might not always want to admit it, achieving success as a sales rep is hard work.  Amplifinity’s referral automation software can make it so much easier, and we can all dream of the day that sales reps can spend their time following up on high value referral leads, rather than cold calling the rest of us.

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