Advocate’s user experience finally expressed

Everyone wants something. But understanding what that something is can be befuddling, as shown by the inexhaustible number of books dedicated to what one gender, job, or customer really wants. In almost every area, we yearn to understand what motivates a specific demographic that we don’t belong to, and your business is no exception.

When building your referral program, one group’s motivations and desires you’re yearning to understand is your potential advocates. What advocates desire from your referral program may not even be something they consciously acknowledge, but if you’re able to figure out what these secret desires are you can start to create and optimize your referral program to dramatically increase engagement.

Unfortunately, if you don’t understand what your advocates want from your referral program or don’t have features that coincide with what your advocates want, success may not be in your referral future.

But we can’t have that. That’s why we’re finally revealing the secret desires of referral program advocates and the features that you need in order to capitalize on those desires.

5 advocate’s referral desires and the features that fulfill them

One night over drinks, Andy the advocate spilled the beans on what advocates really want from their referral experience.
“We want to be able to easily refer people and claim our rewards,” said Andy.

With that information to lead us on, 5 advocate referral desires were pinpointed and 8 features were developed to fulfill Andy and other advocates’ desires.

1. Access made easy – While patience still may be a virtue, it’s a virtue that many people now decide they can live without. That’s why it’s increasingly important to ensure that your referral program has the lowest barrier to entry. The easier it is for advocates to register and sign in, the more participation you will see in your referral program.

Features that fulfill this desire: Single Sign On (SSO) Social Registration

2. Personalized and individualized referral methods – When advocates have the power to easily refer the way they find most appealing, whether through social media, email, or offline, they’re more likely to become repeat referrers.

Features that fulfill this desire: Empowerment Communication Tools
Post Referral Registration

3. Incentives that motivate the individual referrer – Rewarding is a key part of any referral program. But the right rewards for one advocate may not be the right rewards for another advocate. Deliver the rewards that motivate your advocates actions and are set up to continuously keeps them engaged.

A feature that fulfills this desire: Reward Choice

4. Full transparency in the referral process – What you advocates don’t know will hurt you. Advocates desire to know the status of their referral in order keep engaged in the referral program. If as far as they know their referral is floating out in the deep black depths of space, they won’t continue to refer. But if they can see how close they are to receiving a reward their engagement drastically increases.

Features that fulfill this desire: Advocate Monthly Statements Advocate My Account Page

5. Easy reward fulfillment – The easier reward fulfillment is, the faster your advocates can receive their reward. Easy reward fulfillment is a part of the referral process that your advocates sincerely desire and you need. If receiving a reward becomes a hassle, it’s more likely you’ll enrage your advocate instead of keeping them engaged. It is important to always make sure that your advocates referral experience is as easy as possible.

A feature that fulfills this desire: Automated Fulfillment

Now that you know your advocates secret referral desires and the features that will fulfill these desires you can apply them to your business when developing your own referral program. Keep in mind however, the advocate’s referral desires are only 1 user experience out of 4. To truly develop a successful referral program you need to optimize it to all 4 user experiences. Part 2 of this 4 part blog will turn toward the prospect side of the referral experience. Stay tuned to learn more! And in the meantime delve into A Blueprint for Investing in Referral Marketing, today to keep your referral momentum going strong.


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