What is the Return on Investment (ROI) of a Referral Program?

Based on data from the Amplifinity platform, we’ve developed a simple way to accurately predict your referral program ROI and discover if referral programs will provide you high quality demand generation. This is done by analyzing all of our referral program data over the past 3 years and calculating your individual results based on all of our real customer averages.

By using this referral program ROI tool you tangibly prove that referral marketing can work for you and obtain evidence to get the budget for referral marketing initiatives.

And if after calculating the results of your referral program ROI you still aren’t sure if a referral program would provide you with the value you’re searching for feel free to take the quiz, Are referrals a fit? Or for a more detailed analysis please request a demo.

To calculate your referral program ROI, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Choose the type of referral program you are interested in.
Step 2: Input the number of potential advocates you can market the program to.
Step 3: Input the average revenue you get from a single customer over a year period.

Discover how Amplifinity can help you achieve your referral ROI!

Setting up customer, partner and/or employee programs to acquire a consistent flow of high-quality leads is a must-do channel for today’s marketing mix. Buying Amplifinity to automate those programs is a solid investment for the growth of your business. 

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