Referral partner programs scaled for accelerated revenue growth

Generate more leads from channel partners


Scaling referral partner activity and managing it across both managed and non-managed partners can be difficult. By creating an automated referral partner program for your partner network you can get a consistent flow of high-quality leads.

Your partner network is a great source of high quality leads. This stems from partners’ ability to understand the pains of your target buyers and leverage their trusted relationships to make a referral to your company.

Referral partner programs get you more from your partner network

  • Remove hassle by automating communication, tracking and fulfillment.
  • Increase partner output without increasing headcount.
  • Handle the needs of managed partners for co-branding and extended controls.
  • CAN/SPAM and tax compliance included in the referral partner program.
  • Understand partner performance with rich analytics.
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Drive increased referrals from your partner network

Management made easy

  • Provide content to partners within the referral partner program to help them understand your target buyer and how to refer.
  • Remove management hassles when you automate W-8/W-9 collection and tax management.
  • Offer partners a personalized homepage with the ability to keep track of their referrals and refer in the method that works for them.
Amplifinity referral software automated tax collection w-9
Referral partner program rewards dashboard allows brands to change rewards, create reward promotions, or add restrictions to rewards.

Rewards that motivate referral partners

  • Obtain reward structures that motivate partner activity such as single payment revenue sharing and escalating reward amounts.
  • Administer payment option that appeal to your partner including ACH and wire transfer.

Detailed insight into channel partner activity

  • Track offline referrals, including verbal.
  • Prove the value of your referral partner program with access to direct ROI.
  • Capture a deep understand of your program through customized reports with advanced analytics.
Dashboard displaying number of partner advocates, referrals, accepted referrals, and new customers generated.
Referral software ROI Calculator CTA Image

Prove the value of a referral partner program for your channel partners

Prove the value of a referral partner program for your channel partners

Advanced functionality to empower managed channel partners

Referral partner program dashboards that allow users to manage their partners

Increase managed channel partner involvement

  • Give managed channel partners all the benefits of non-managed partners.
  • Provide managed partners the ability to invite referral sources.
  • Offer a co-branded referral partner program for every managed partner.

Easily oversee managed partners

  • Manage unique reward rules by partner entity and/or their referral sources.
  • Easily supervise each partner program with registration and approval management.
  • Deliver a unique portal for each managed partner where they can handle their referral sources and see referral data.
Referral partner program dashboard allowing brands to manage and track partner actions

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