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Select the Package that Meets Your Needs

Perfect for companies with a partner based referral program. By automating your referral partner program for your partner network you can expect a consistent flow of high-quality leads.

The customer package is the right fit for companies with a customer referral program. Use Amplifinity to leverage your customers’ networks to promote your brand’s products and services.

Empower your best sales team – your employees – to make referrals to their network. Create custom incentive and reward structures to encourage your employees to grow your lead generation.

Standard Features Across Packages Include

Enter and edit bank information

Enter and edit tax information

Export W-8/W-9 collection for reporting

W-8/W-9 collection

Automated W9/W8 collection and tax management

Single sign-on

Multi-program support

Advocate ownership

Data profile on each advocate

Personal homepage for advocates

Customized layout to match your website

Lead attribution management

Custom domain or subdomain

Add custom fields to registration or lead form

Customized advocate homepage with brand content

CAN/SPAM compliance

Creative version control for referral promotions

Email, social, personal URL and print referral methods

Reward retention period

Reward via e-gift card with automated fulfillment or standard file

Reward via gift card, ACH, direct deposit, checks or client fulfillment

Structured rewarding options including: retention period, multi-event, revenue sharing or escalating reward amounts

International rewarding via wire transfer and international ACH

Advocate reward email notification

Advocate and prospect activity-triggered emails

Performance dashboards with data export

Dedicated success manager for support and consulting

Advanced analytics dashboards

Promotional touchpoint tracking & reporting

Create reports from referral program data

Partner Package Features

Manage the referral program and rewards by partner and/or advocates

Management of advocates by partners

Registration and approval management of partners

Portals for each partner for advocate management and reporting

Partner ability to invite advocates

Reward approval

Early reward approval

Payments approval

Payments adjustments

Ad-hoc payments

Reward amount adjustment

Manual reward entry

Manual reward override

Manual taxable amount override

Payments batching/scheduling

Revenue sync from Salesforce

Reward sync from Salesforce

Multi-currency support

ACH/International ACH

Currency conversion/exchange rate provider

Salesforce Connector Features

Salesforce Certified Managed Package

Partner advocate profile view from Salesforce

View advocate data profile via SSO

Invite Contacts to become advocates

Accept/input verbal referrals

Sales reps can “own” advocates

Validate advocate program eligibility

Automated lead sync

Adds referral lead source

Automated reconciliation of successful referrals

Link to referring advocate information from Lead and Contact records

Tracks Contact referral program enrollment status

Ability to sync reward amount from Opportunity

Ability to sync revenue from Opportunity for reporting/reward calculations

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