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With 3 different editions of the Amplifinity platform, you can purchase based on the features you need for your lead referral programs. The Amplifinity editions are Base, Pro and Enterprise. The powerful Amplifinity platform is included in the purchase of your first lead referral program and additional programs can be added to the platform at a nominal charge.

Amplifinity Base is great for those just starting with referral marketing. With Base you can get to market quicker than ever.

Make referrals easy and personal

  • Single Sign-On
  • Fast start templates for mobile and desktop
  • White labeled content & branded subdomain (
  • Comprehensive suite of referral methods incl. email, social, personal url & print
  • Personal homepage for each advocate
  • Advocate reward email notification

Automate tracking and fulfillment

  • Lead and attribution management
  • Reward via e-gift card with automated fulfillment or fulfill with standard file
  • Creative version control for referral promotions
  • CAN/SPAM compliance

Access advocate and program data

  • Comprehensive data profile on each advocate
  • Standard performance dashboards with data export

Get a guided path to success

  • Dedicated success manager for ongoing support and proactive success consulting

Amplifinity Pro has industry-leading features to drive referrals as a consistent lead generation channel. With Pro you can take an existing referral program to new heights.


Customize the advocate experience

  • Customize layout to match your website
  • Custom domain or subdomain of your website
  • Add custom fields to registration or lead form
  • Customize advocate homepage with brand content
  • Advocate and prospect activity-triggered emails

Offer advanced reward structures

  • Automated W9/W8 collection & tax management
  • Reward via gift card, ACH, checks, or client fulfillment of bill credits, etc.
  • Structured rewarding (retention period, multi-event, double-sided, single payment revenue sharing, or escalating reward amounts)

Get deep analytics and insight

  • Advanced analytics dashboards
  • Promotional touchpoint tracking & reporting
  • Create reports from referral program data

Amplifinity Enterprise has powerful features to generate referrals for more complex needs like referring multiple product lines and handling managed referral partners.


  • Advocate selection of product to refer
  • Advocate reward choice
  • International rewarding via wire transfer
  • Variable rewarding based on product purchased


Including the Advanced Partner Management bundle: 

  • Management of advocates by partners
  • Portals for each partner for advocate management and reporting
  • Partner co-branding management
  • Partner ability to invite advocates
  • Registration and approval management of partners
  • Manage the lead referral program and rewards by partner entity and/or partner advocates

Easily connect Amplifinity lead referral program to Salesforce

Enabling sales to automatically get their high quality referral leads in Salesforce is a must. Amplifinity goes beyond that and enables sales to see the advocate information to pre-qualify leads, invite customers to make referrals and even allows sales to input verbal referrals. With this level of referral functionality, sales can help drive the success of your lead referral programs. Make sure the Amplifinity edition you choose has all the Salesforce Connector functionality you need.

  • Automated lead sync
  • Adds referral Lead Source
  • Automated reconciliation of successful referrals
  • Link to referring advocate information from Lead and Contact records
  • Tracks Contact referral program enrollment status
  • View advocate data profile via SSO
  • Invite Contacts to become advocates


  • Accept/input verbal referrals
  • Sales reps can “own” advocates
  • Validate advocate program eligibility
  • Ability to sync reward amount from Opportunity
  • Ability to sync revenue from Opportunity for reporting and reward calculations


Just need one additional feature?

Amplifinity understands that no one wants to pay for a more advanced platform if they just need one specific feature from the more advanced edition. That is why we have some optional features that can be purchased separately and added to your lead referral program on a lower edition platform. These can be added at a small cost without bumping you up to the next edition.

  • Add up to 5 custom fields to registration or lead form
  • Collect tax information
  • Reward via ACH/direct deposit
  • Reward with bill credits via standard file
  • Advocate selection of product to refer
  • Advocate reward choice
  • International rewarding via wire transfer
Man holding a plus sign showing him adding on features to his referral software.

Discover how Amplifinity can empower your referral success!

Buying Amplifinity referral marketing software is a solid investment for the growth of your business. That’s because Amplifinity doesn’t limit your success. Each lead referral program you run geared toward customers, partners or employees has UNLIMITED ADVOCATES. That means that as your referral program grows, your cost doesn’t.

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