Many higher education institutions are finding it increasingly difficult to reach their target audience. Student and alumni referrals is the solution for enrollment challenges.

ANN ARBOR, MICH., November 19, 2015 — Amplifinity, the leaders in referral automation software, announced today that Northern Michigan University (NMU) has chosen the Amplifinity platform to automate and manage their new referral program designed to drive enrollment.

NMU, like other universities found it was receiving a record number of applications but a lower amount of the applicants were converting to enrolled students. According to Moody’s, 20% of higher education institutions admit less than 20% of their applicants. Simultaneously, the rate of high school graduates will be flat through 2020, according to Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education. With enrollment being crucial to their ability to be a competitive and thriving institution, NMU decided to add the power of alumni and current student referrals to their marketing mix.

“Small and mid-tier universities can’t continue to use contingency and donor funds to make up for enrollment shortfalls,” stated Steve Neiheisel, VP Enrollment Management and Student Services at NMU. “Recruitment needs to regain control of the stealth application trend and find new ways to get the attention of the right future students. Referral programs are the answer.”

Amplifinity’s referral automation software paired with Salesforce allows NMU to accurately track referrals, reward advocates and ultimately increase enrollment. These programs allow alumni and students to help identify students who are likely to be a good fit at the university. With this program, called Share Northern, NMU hopes to increase the conversion of applicants with students who are more likely to enroll. In the initial test pilot, 34 student and alumni advocates drove 336 referrals in two weeks.

“NMU has a distinct learning and geographic environment and, it’s a challenge to find students who fit into our culture,” said Neiheisel. “By partnering with Amplifinity to reach the right students at the right time, through mass personalization by using the power of referrals, we will achieve our enrollment goals.”

“Amplifinity has the solution to help universities grow enrollment,” said Larry Angeli, CEO of Amplifinity. “Students and alumni of universities want to see their school thrive. With Amplifinity, these institutions can take advantage of that enthusiasm to drive full enrollment. NMU’s approach combining Amplifinity and Salesforce is a great way to make recruitment personal and effective in the digital age.”

About Amplifinity

Amplifinity’s referral amplification software turns customer, employee and partner advocacy into revenue. Our platform provides complete referral tracking and management with 100% accuracy so none are missed. Enterprises like ADP and DIRECTV trust Amplifinity to enable high-quality acquisition while providing an engaging, fully-branded experience for their advocates.

About Northern Michigan University

Northern Michigan University, located in Marquette, Michigan, is a dynamic public, comprehensive university that has grown its reputation based on its award-winning leadership programs, cutting-edge technology initiatives and nationally recognized academic programs.