Launch a referral program

A referral program is a great way to generate high quality leads for your business. But how can you start one when you don’t have the dedicated resources to build it?

Amplifinity Base Edition is referral marketing software that allows you to get up and running quickly without needing to involve IT resources to help build it. All in just 7 days!


Get the Kickoff meeting started with your Success Manager who will personally help you through the process. After the meeting you’ll get the keys to your personal Program Design Wizard.

Spend the rest of the day preparing what you need to design your program and planning your activities for the week.


Complete the Program Design Wizard by editing the default copy to fit the needs of your business and input your brand creative to give the program your authentic look and feel.

End of day, press “Submit” to give Amplifinity the green light to generate your referral program.


Amplifinity begins building your unique program.

While you are waiting, your Success Manager can help you establish a relationship with a reward fulfillment provider and supply guides for you to prep materials for internal rollout and launch.

End of day, press “Submit” to give Amplifinity the green light to generate your referral program.


Amplifinity finishes building your referral program by end of day.

Today, get your lead management and email unsubscribe set up with the help of your Success Manager. Then finish the materials for rollout and promotions for launch.


In the morning you’ll get keys to your new program and the Amplifinity platform.

Your Success Manager will give you an orientation to the platform and your new program. Then you can run through the program, test its functionality and make sure everything is exactly how you want it.


You’ve worked hard all week and are ready to go.

Enjoy some time away from work doing what you love!


Your program is ready for roll out to your internal team. Your Success Manager will work with you to make sure marketing understands the program and how it works. Also train sales on follow up for high quality referral leads and how they can easily add referrals from customers.

If you plan to ask customers to make referrals, make sure everyone who works with customers understands the program and how they can generate more referrals.


Now you are ready to launch!

Today put a banner featuring your referral program on your web properties. Send an email out to potential advocates to invite them to join and start making referrals.

Consider giving a special incentive to the first 100 advocates who register and make a referral.

Now sit back and watch high quality referral leads roll in!

Get to market fast with Amplifinity Base

  • Most powerful Salesforce integration to enable sales involvement.
  • Best capabilities to offer a white-labeled program that reflects your brand.
  • Personal homepage for each advocate with more referral methods and data.
  • Automatic integrations for Salesforce and fulfillment means no IT needed.
  • CAN/SPAM and tax compliance included.
  • Most powerful data for marketers on performance and advocates.


Amplifinity Base is the most comprehensive referral software in the market for companies looking to start a referral program.


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