How to manage a sales referral program in Salesforce

Find out how to enable sales to drive referral success

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Amplifinity sales referral program creates a direct line to potential customers who are in the market for your products or services. It does this by transforming current customers, partners, and employees into your most powerful sales force by incentivizing them to reach out to their network of peers for a personalized, trusted introduction to your product or service.

The Amplifinity Connector for Salesforce is a sophisticated managed referral app that facilitates an exchange of data from Amplifinity referral software to Salesforce. This connector offers a simple solution to align marketing and sales for referral program success.

Increase the value of Salesforce with a sales referral program

  • Provide referral source information on referral lead record for easy qualification.
  • Best capabilities to offer a white-labeled program that reflects your brand.
  • Allow sales and customer success to accept and track verbal referrals.
  • Enable sales to engage referral sources with referral functionality in Salesforce.
  • Empower sales to “own” the referral source and invite customers to refer.
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Increase sales productivity to qualify leads


Convert a higher number of leads to opportunities


Improve customer and partner relationships


Provide direct ROI for referral marketing efforts

Salesforce, sales referral program connecting data and functionality from Amplifinity to Salesforce

Key features of the Amplifinity Connector for Salesforce

Quickly see referral leads

Referral lead source provides quick prioritization.

Qualify leads fast

Contact advocate from info on lead record to qualify and get introduction.

One-click Contact invite

Send email to invite contacts to make referrals with one click on the contact record.

Simple 30 min integration

Clear mapping and instructions to get you integrated quickly.

Improve customer engagement

Access to advocate data allows sales and customer success to have positive interactions with customers.

Input verbal referrals

Sales and customer success can input verbal referrals directly in Salesforce.

Sales can "own" a referral source

Set objectives for sales or use ownership to guide lead routing of referrals.

Two-way sync

All referral data is synced for easy tracking of referral success.

Learn best practices

to integrate referrals

into Salesforce

Linked to webinar, "Best practices to integrate referrals into Sales" to start and understand a sales referral program.