If you give your customers their groceries for free, they’re going to like you better. But chances are they aren’t the only ones.

One of our employees was scrolling through her Facebook feed this morning and came across a friend’s status:

“Was at Whole Foods tonight when they lost all power to their systems. Rather than have us tired, dinner shopping souls wait, they bagged up everyone’s groceries as usual and then said ‘this is all on the house tonight.’ I tried to estimate what I owed (as did others) but they wouldn’t take it. There were about 20 of us in the store. They just built some serious brand loyalty!”

Not only did this woman become more loyal to Whole Foods because of this experience; she also shared the story with her friends on Facebook and over 30 of them “liked” it.

As mentioned in the status, Whole Foods created brand loyalty by their generosity. But this brand loyalty led to brand advocacy – the customers who were in the store at the time are not the only ones who like Whole Foods a little bit better now.