Customer referral programs automated for scalable lead generation

Features that help you get more from your customers


Every customer has a network of trusted peers and friends. With a customer referral program, a business can galvanize customers to facilitate a trusted introduction between individuals in their network and the brand’s innovative products and services, increasing the likelihood of buying by 400%.

A customer referral is naturally a higher quality lead because it comes from a trusted source who knows the brand and knows the needs of the person they referred. As traditional digital channels continue to deliver inadequate results, companies are turning to automated customer referral programs to continue to escalate revenue growth while removing any friction from the referral process.

Personalized interactions generate high-quality leads

  • Automate the customer referral process to allow for 1-to-1 lead generation at scale.
  • Encourage sales to engage with customers and nurture relationships.
  • Improve marketing productivity by removing operational hassles.
  • Reduce the sales cycle thanks to high-quality leads and advocate involvement.
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6 capabilities that make customer referral programs successful

Launch quickly with customization included

  • Launch a fully branded customer referral program fast!
  • Customer referral program appears as a natural extension of your website.
  • SSO offers easy access from your web properties.
Edit and create a customer referral program with the design wizard. Choose color and logo.
View your advocate data including number of referrals, number of successful referrals, and rewards. Different referral methods including email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Personal URL, or card

Provide an engaging user experience for customers

  • Advocates have a wide selection of customer referral methods to reach out to their network.
  • Activity-triggered communications keep advocates engaged and referring.
  • Advocates have full visibility into their referral progress on a personalized homepage engage customers.

Enable sales to drive customer referrals

  • Sales teams can accept and track verbal referrals.
  • Sales has the tools to engage customer referrals with referral data and functionality in Salesforce.
  • Empower sales to invite new customers to the program and “own” the customer advocate.
Salesforce customer referral program, verbal referral page
Referral partner program rewards dashboard allows brands to change rewards, create reward promotions, or add restrictions to rewards.

Motivate customers with a customized reward strategy

  • Customer referral programs create the optimal rewarding strategy that motivates customers to refer repeatedly through escalating or multi-event reward structures.
  • Enable advocates to bring a great deal to their network with double-sided rewards.
  • Give customers the opportunity to choose the reward that appeals to them.

Remove operational hassles for marketing and sales

  • Free up resources by automating customer referral program tracking and reward fulfillment.
  • Remove financial management hassles with automated W-9/W-8 and tax management.
  • Eliminate complaints and help desk calls by removing the chance of referral breakage.
Amplifinity referral software automated tax collection w-9
Customer referral program touchpoint performance dashboard broken down to show advocates who registered for the program through a Salesforce invite with the amount of referrals, accepted referrals, and new customers.

Optimize your customer referral program performance 

  • Easily optimize the customer referral program with insight from touchpoint tracking to customer acquisition.
  • Run tailor-made reports to gain insight into customer behavior and re-market to your advocates for more referrals.
  • Track your program ROI with dashboards that show the real-time value of referrals.
Referral software ROI Calculator CTA Image

Prove the value of a customer referral program for your business

Prove the value of a customer referral program for your business

Referral software ROI Calculator CTA Image