Why we work at Amplifinity

At Amplifinity, every member of our team is obsessed with client value. We are constantly innovating how referral programs are automated and tracked in our digital world. But we don’t just make software, we are evolving the way that companies generate revenue. We are proud to offer the best technology on the market for referrals today. Furthermore, we are proud to be referral experts, guiding our customers in best practices for success. Join us to share in the excitement of software startup life right here in Michigan.

Life at Amplifinity


We’re pushing boundaries in everything we do. A career at Amplifinity means there is no limit to what you can contribute, create or learn, and every idea is valued (and we’re not just saying that!).


Everyone at Amplifinity is a superstar who believes in what we do. We have a team mentality; we work until it’s better-than-good and we have a lot of fun doing it.


We create, innovate and exceed goals together. Our regular “mug clubs” allow the team to share knowledge, let off some steam and brainstorm the next big thing.


Work-hard-play-hard is our mantra. We play ‘bags’ in the driveway, take ‘walking meetings’ around the river (just out our door), and grab lunch at the farmers’ market up the street.


Our open-concept, newly renovated and expanded office space is located on Main Street, Ann Arbor. If you consume as much Diet Coke as our dev team or as much coffee as our sales & marketing teams, you’ll appreciate our stocked kitchen. Free and ample parking is pretty cool too.


We’re flexible and know that everyone works harder and creates more when they have a work/life balance. We don’t “punch a clock” because we love what we do.


We offer competitive pay and benefits.

Job Opportunities

912 North Main Street, Suite 100
Ann Arbor, MI 48104