Salesforce AppExchange celebrates 10 years of inspiring businesses’ innovation

Amplifinity Connector continues to empower Salesforce clients

January 14th contains an abundance of important events including birthdays, deaths, cultural and historical events. But today we celebrate a birthday that’s purely representative of innovation, collaboration, and specialization – the 10th birthday of the Salesforce AppExchange.

Birthdays, and especially a business’s birthday is a celebratory occasion because it demonstrates the ability to adapt to changing ecosystems and markets. But Salesforce’s AppExchange has not only managed to succeed with their own products and services, it also has enabled other businesses to extend their reach by challenging them to innovate easy product and service options that empower integration with Salesforce through the AppExchange. And as the AppExchange launches into the double digits we take a closer look at the innovation it has inspired.

The value of the Amplifinity Connector for Salesforce clients

One such innovation that offers easy application through a sophisticated managed app is the Amplifinity Connector. The Amplifinity Connector is the premier managed referral app that easily incorporates the sensational power of Amplifinity referral software into Salesforce. This simple solution aligns marketing and sales for optimal efficiency by leveraging customer and partner relationships and maximizes the value of Salesforce.

Felecia Flack of Northern Michigan University declares enthusiastically that, “The combination of Amplifinity and Salesforce enables our constituents to easily SHARE the word about our great university. We’re excited about the connections we’re making with prospective students because of this partnership.”

The success of the AppExchange has allowed Amplifinity to provide Salesforce clients a unique and unparalleled combination of Salesforce Cloud and advanced referral automation software that:

  • Increases sales productivity to optimize revenue growth
  • Enhances lead follow through from sales
  • Provides superior data to improve the use of Salesforce
  • Offers more advanced tracking to attribute marketing ROI
  • Improves marketing program results by creating a consistent channel for lead generation that is easy for marketing to maintain

This exceptional value has been a key instigator in the adoption of the Amplifinity Connector by Salesforce clients. But the AppExchange hasn’t only added value to Amplifinity referral software, but inspired continual innovation and product development (specifics coming soon).

The fact is, the Salesforce AppExchange does not only inspire innovation, but challenges businesses to keep developing advanced technology in a simple deliverable package. This train of thought goes beyond lending itself to the AppExchange but to large scale technological creation. So let’s raise a glass, eat a piece of cake, and develop a new disruptive technology to celebrate 10 years of the Salesforce AppExchange.

Women in Tech
10 Women in Tech toasting Salesforce with local, Michigan beverages on the AppExchange’s 10th Birthday!


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Is your referral program empowering marketers with effortless execution? Part 4

Referral features fashioned for user friendliness

Technology is an imperative part of your business. But have you checked lately to see if you’re still in control of your marketing technology or if it has taken control of you?

Too often, indispensable marketing technology isn’t made friendly to its administrators. How many times have you had to call IT or a help hotline in order to manage, change, or update one of your marketing programs? Unfortunately, referral marketing programs aren’t excluded from this oversight and still often overlooks the need to develop features that empower marketers to easily manage and optimize referrals.

Previously, in part 1, part 2, and part 3 we discussed what advocates, prospects, and sales teams want from a referral program. Recently, I got the chance to also gain insight into what marketers want from their referral program.

At a marketing conference, Mark the marketer emphasized what marketers really want and need from a referral program to make it a success.

“As administrators we want to be able to have automated communication, easily manage the program and see how a lead progresses to become an opportunity.”

With Mark the marketer’s insight to lead the charge, 10 referral marketing features were developed to create advanced administrative user friendliness.

8 must-have marketing referral features to fulfill salespeople’s desires

1. Program control made simple – No marketer wants wait to change, update, and manage content, promotional and the system. But with many marketing technologies that is exactly what they have to do. If you make your marketers wait for IT to make changes to the referral you could be causing your marketers to miss out on valuable referral opportunities. Give your marketers what they want by adding features that make managing the referral program a breeze.

A referral feature that fulfills this want: Content Management

2. Optimization tools – Marketers know that referral programs need an individualized touch for your specific demographic, and that’s why they want optimization to that allow them to optimize your referral program to be the best it can be. With the right optimization tools you give your marketers the power to ensure your programs success.

Features that fulfill this want: A/B Test-Emails A/B Test-Program Design  Promotional Touchpoint Management and Tracking

Reporting and Analysis Suite  Pre-launch testing environment

3. The ability to specialize your content – Ever marketer needs the ability to run special promotions and offers that prompt referrals to become customers. Satisfy the desire of your marketers by providing feature that enable your referral platform to support different content and work flows for special promotions, offers, and events.

A feature that fulfills this want: Multi-Design

4. A program that has recognizable – Your marketers know that your brand image and logo carry weight with you customers. And with so many scams and hacks on the internet today, making sure your program rings true and authentic to your brand is of the utmost importance. Grant your marketers what they truly want by giving your referral program the ability to match your brands look and feel and convince advocates and prospects to engage in the referral process.

A feature that fulfills this want: Domain and Email White Labeling

5. Impeccable insight – Ignorance isn’t profitable. Your marketers don’t want your referral program to operate out ignorance, instead they want insight. By delivering marketers features that offers in-depth insight into your advocates performance and information, you not only cover another one of their desires, but create a profitable and intelligent referral program.

And with these 8 management and optimization features that ensures effortless execution for marketers, we complete all 4 of the user experiences for your referral program and create a fully inclusive referral experience.

After all, referrals are the highest action value a customer, employee, or partner can undertake for your business, so why not create a 360° referral program experienced amped up to deliver extremely advantageous results?

As every user experience performs at its maximum capability the success of your referral program will increase immensely and deliver ROI that far surpasses traditional marketing methods.
Get started building the right referral program with features that appeal to every user. Checkout A Blueprint for Investing in Referral Marketing, and begin you bright referral future today.

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What referral features spark your salespeople’s selling power? Part 3

Referral Features that give your sales team superstar status

Let me guess. You’ve been trying to ramp up your selling power? Naturally, you’ve already checked out the advocacy sphere and have decided that referrals are for you. Well, I have to say, you’re one smart cookie. However, while you now have discovered  what advocates and prospects want from your referral program and the features you need to fulfill those wants in  part 1 and part 2, you may not yet have considered what your salespeople want from your referral program to optimize their nurturing efforts.

But there’s no need to fret. At a recent tradeshow, Sarah the salesperson and I had a frank discussion and she let me in on what salespeople really want from a referral program.

“We want to be able to have our CRM integrate easily to quickly see referral leads and follow up with them,” said Sarah.

Of course, empowering your sales team to nurture referral and advocate opportunities is a top priority when trying ensure your referral programs success. After all, your referral program won’t just succeed on its own, it requires sales enablement to have the ability to nurture referrals into profitable customers and advocates into repeat referrers.

With the important part sales plays in your referral program, 5 sales referral desires were identified and 5 features were developed to spark you salespeople’s selling power.

5 sales referral desires fulfilled to turn referrals into customers

  1. Easily see and prioritize referral leads – Sales teams need to be able to attribute high-quality leads in Salesforce or other CRMs to a specific referral program in order to nurture and build their advocacy base.


A feature that fulfills this want: Salesforce Easy Integration


  1. Own your customer’s referrals – As the saying goes, rules are meant to be broken, and lead assignment rules are no exception. Salespeople want more lead, especially from relationships they’ve already established. Give your salespeople the power to break you lead assignment rules and watch you referrals flourish.


A feature that fulfills this want: Lead ownership


  1. Empower sales to recruit advocates – The more advocates sales can recruit, the more successful a referral program has the potential to be. Your salespeople want a referral program that enables their recruitment of advocates and facilitation of advocates through the referral process, including registering an advocate and following up on a verbal referral.


A referral feature that fulfills this want: Advocate Recruitment Tools


  1. Visible referral data – The full visibility of a referral’s data essential to nurture and guide the advocates to encourage continued referral action.


A feature that fulfills this want: Advocate Activity Dashboard


  1. Motivation – Salespeople always want to do their best. But sometimes your sales team needs a visual motivator to keep pushing the boundaries of success for your referral program. Leader boards that assign scores to a salesperson owned advocate activity taps into the competitive nature of your sales team to push them to reach their full potential.


A feature that fulfills this want: Advocate Scoring


By adding these 5 empowering sales enablement features to your referral program, you don’t only give your salespeople’s the ability to make their job easier, but deliver increased numbers of profitable referral customers and nurture advocates to keep referring.

With the addition of the salespeople’s user experience, 75% of the referral experience is covered, resulting in a drastic increase in your referral program’s performance. However, if even one user is left out of your referral program your referral results will be lacking.

In the final part of this 4 part blog, the wants and needs of the last user experience, the marketer, will be delved into and explored, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, discover how powerful obtaining all the right referral features can be by checking out these amazing referral statistics.


Prompt your prospects’ referral passion: Part 2

Deliver referral features that inspire them to want you.

Lately, you’ve been singing the same old marketing song. Specifically:

I want you to want me

I need you to need me . . .

                                                                                                                  (Cheap Trick)

But I have to say, it’s starting to sound a little desperate. And if you keep carrying on this way you’re just going hear those six little word over and over again, “You’re not my type . . . of business.” It’s time to change tactics. Instead of having your referral program ask the prospect to want you, imbue your referral program with feature that inspire passion for your services and products and motivate them to become customers.

And while you already uncovered what advocates want in part 1, you must now ask the question, what do your prospects want from your referral program?

Well, that’s a good question. Luckily, Penny the prospect gave me the inside scoop at dinner one night.

“We want the buying process to be easy and simple,” said Penny. Your prospects don’t want hidden gimmicks or fine print, but a buying process that rewards them.

From that insight, 3 prospect referral desires were locked onto and 5 referral features were developed to elevate and ignite your prospects passion for your business.

3 prospect referral desires and the features that fulfill them

  1. A deal too good to pass up – What prompts a prospect’s passion is what prompts any customer, a good deal. Prospects want to feel like they have tricked the “system” or obtained a deal of an exclusive nature. By making sure that prospects as well as advocates are rewarded, you add another incentive besides that of their family, friend, acquaintance, or professional network endorsement of you.


A feature that fulfills this want: Double-Sided Rewards


  1. A personalized buying experience – While your prospect knows who referred them and has a pre-established relationship with them, most of the time they need more than just the referral to become a customer. Prospects want to be able to discuss with their advocate why they should buy from your business. The prospect might want this to happen over email, in person, verbally, through social media, or even through text. Your referral program needs to be equipped to handle every type of referral interaction. This keeps the dialogue going and builds up to the conversion from prospect to customer.


Features that fulfill this want: Empowerment Tools   Prospect Nurturing


  1. A simple and easy buying process – Prospects don’t want to have to make the extra effort to buy your product, and they won’t. Give your prospects the buying process they want by making it easy to complete and individualized to the prospects preferred method to purchase.


Features that fulfill this want: Supported Prospect Purchase via Brick-and-Mortar or Phone Call  Prospect Buy Flow   Prospect Lead Submission

These prospect prompting features will not only invigorate potential referrals, but as an added benefit, your advocates as well. By fashioning features that encourage prospects to become successful referrals it becomes easier for advocates to achieve a rewarding referral. But while prospects and advocates are very important to motivate and reward, don’t forget who builds those relationships and manages your referral program, your sales team and marketers.

Stay tuned for part 3 of this 4 part blog that will focus on what referral features your sales team craves and requires to enflame their closes rates.  And don’t miss part 1 to learn about the desires of your referral advocates.

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The secret desires of referral program advocates revealed: Part 1

Advocate’s user experience finally expressed

Everyone wants something. But understanding what that something is can be befuddling, as shown by the inexhaustible number of books dedicated to what one gender, job, or customer really wants. In almost every area, we yearn to understand what motivates a specific demographic that we don’t belong to, and your business is no exception.

When building your referral program, one group’s motivations and desires you’re yearning to understand is your potential advocates. What advocates desire from your referral program may not even be something they consciously acknowledge, but if you’re able to figure out what these secret desires are you can start to create and optimize your referral program to dramatically increase engagement.

Unfortunately, if you don’t understand what your advocates want from your referral program or don’t have features that coincide with what your advocates want, success may not be in your referral future.

But we can’t have that. That’s why we’re finally revealing the secret desires of referral program advocates and the features that you need in order to capitalize on those desires.

5 advocate’s referral desires and the features that fulfill them

One night over drinks, Andy the advocate spilled the beans on what advocates really want from their referral experience.
“We want to be able to easily refer people and claim our rewards,” said Andy.

With that information to lead us on, 5 advocate referral desires were pinpointed and 8 features were developed to fulfill Andy and other advocates’ desires.

1. Access made easy – While patience still may be a virtue, it’s a virtue that many people now decide they can live without. That’s why it’s increasingly important to ensure that your referral program has the lowest barrier to entry. The easier it is for advocates to register and sign in, the more participation you will see in your referral program.

Features that fulfill this desire: Single Sign On (SSO) Social Registration

2. Personalized and individualized referral methods – When advocates have the power to easily refer the way they find most appealing, whether through social media, email, or offline, they’re more likely to become repeat referrers.

Features that fulfill this desire: Empowerment Communication Tools
Post Referral Registration

3. Incentives that motivate the individual referrer – Rewarding is a key part of any referral program. But the right rewards for one advocate may not be the right rewards for another advocate. Deliver the rewards that motivate your advocates actions and are set up to continuously keeps them engaged.

A feature that fulfills this desire: Reward Choice

4. Full transparency in the referral process – What you advocates don’t know will hurt you. Advocates desire to know the status of their referral in order keep engaged in the referral program. If as far as they know their referral is floating out in the deep black depths of space, they won’t continue to refer. But if they can see how close they are to receiving a reward their engagement drastically increases.

Features that fulfill this desire: Advocate Monthly Statements Advocate My Account Page

5. Easy reward fulfillment – The easier reward fulfillment is, the faster your advocates can receive their reward. Easy reward fulfillment is a part of the referral process that your advocates sincerely desire and you need. If receiving a reward becomes a hassle, it’s more likely you’ll enrage your advocate instead of keeping them engaged. It is important to always make sure that your advocates referral experience is as easy as possible.

A feature that fulfills this desire: Automated Fulfillment

Now that you know your advocates secret referral desires and the features that will fulfill these desires you can apply them to your business when developing your own referral program. Keep in mind however, the advocate’s referral desires are only 1 user experience out of 4. To truly develop a successful referral program you need to optimize it to all 4 user experiences. Part 2 of this 4 part blog will turn toward the prospect side of the referral experience. Stay tuned to learn more! And in the meantime delve into A Blueprint for Investing in Referral Marketing, today to keep your referral momentum going strong.


Prompt your prospects’ referral passion: Part 2

how to use referral marketing

Top 10 common conundrums solved by a successful customer referral program

How to Navigate Israel with Successful Customer Referral Programs

You have to admit, even with all the space the internet has to offer it’s begun to feel slightly crowded. Business are SHOUTING from every direction, pushing past you in an effort to block you out but you’re still expected to deliver an increased numbers of quality leads.

What is your plan to get heard through the squall of squawking businesses? Our marketing team created an infographic that documents the top 10 most common problems for businesses solved by successful customer referral programs.

Not long ago I had the opportunity to experience the customer’s side of a basic successful customer referral and found it very fulfilling.

Recently, I was in Israel exploring the small town of Tsvat. In Tsvat there is this one narrow street which plays host to an artist market. While walking through the artist market people are jumping out of their shops, talking about their merchandise and desperately directing you toward their business. But if you show the slightest bit of interest in their product three more sellers show up beside you to direct you toward their shops with similar products. The process actually seemed to parallel very well with Pay-Per-Click (PPC).

At that point I wasn’t sure how to tell the difference between the right product and the product that would fall apart 30 minutes after buying it. Luckily, I had access to an advocate on my trip. She knew the sellers and was able to steer me away from the cheap, overpriced products and toward exactly what I was looking for. The referral process broke through the noise of the sellers and made me hone in on a particular business without doubt or second thoughts. Now imagine what successful customer referral programs could do for a business.

While the most successful customer referral programs are much more advanced and automated, this basic exchange of information, prompted by trust, establishes the foundation for successful customer referral programs. It’s time to ask yourself, can one of your businesses struggles be solved with innovation automated referral software?


10-problems-solved-by-referral-automation (1)