In 2014, Amplifinity experienced incredible growth. We partnered with many large enterprise clients in the SaaS, business services, telecom, financial and consumer services industries. Our success is based on powerful solution that delivers outstanding value to enterprises. As we look ahead, we see an incredible market opportunity for Amplifinity. To capitalize on that opportunity, as CEO, I’m excited that Trisha Winter is joining our leadership team as Chief Marketing Officer.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with Trisha at Compuware where she held a series of leadership level product and brand marketing roles in Compuware’s fastest growing SaaS business unit.

Trisha’s experience is already proving invaluable to the executive team as we continue to execute our growth plan and build out our brand, including a multi-channel marketing strategy.  She also brings her passion and expertise in referral marketing, brand advocacy, and demand generation to our team of enterprise SaaS experts.

From the beginning, Amplifinity has built our business on generating demonstrable revenue generation for our customers through the unique ability of our platform to drive sales ready leads and buying decisions. Leveraging enterprise’s existing customers, partners and employees to drive revenue growth just makes sense. We think it is the highest value form of “advocacy marketing”—the market category that is exploding around us as we demonstrate, in case after case, that advocacy marketing works.

The fact is that enterprise brands continue to struggle with the need to generate higher-quality leads, and acquire and retain loyal customers. Trisha knows these challenges from a buyer’s perspective, and that is enabling her to connect with our clients’ demand gen needs in a unique way. Trisha views marketing not only as a way to build brand awareness and drive sales, but as a tool to educate prospective customers who are looking for measurable ROI and customer engagement solutions over the long-term.

In addition to leading Amplifinity’s maketing efforts, Trisha will collaborate with her peers in the CMO community to help them take advantage of the power of advocacy marketing. Within that community, she’ll make a great advocate for Amplifinity.  For that reason and many more, I am proud to welcome Trisha to the Amplifinity team.

Learn more about her from the infographic below.