Amplifinity, the referral experts, announced they increased the power of their market leading referral tracking platform to further drive sales enablement and demand generation with robust platform capabilities.

Ann Arbor, Mich., November 4, 2015 – Amplifinity today announced that its latest release of its SaaS referral automation platform further improves its customer’s ability to drive high-quality lead generation and ignite revenue growth. Amplifinity turns customer, partner and employee advocates into an “always on” channel for leads and new acquisition. Data from Amplifinity’s platform has shown customers using the platform see an average 34% conversion rate from referral to purchase.

The latest platform enhancements bring sales teams more functionality to recruit advocates, add verbal referrals and follow up quickly on these high-quality leads. As the front line of most organizations Salespeople are often in the best position to engage advocates and ask for referrals.

“With Sales participation, every aspect of referral marketing is accelerated and amplified,” said Larry Angeli, CEO of Amplifinity. “With this release we’ve fully brought the Sales team into the advocacy ecosystem and enabled a new frontier for lead generation.”

Enhancements for Sales Enablement

Amplifinity recently announced a Salesforce approved managed App to increase sales involvement and success with referral marketing. This platform release adds enhancements to Amplifinity Control Room to help sales teams be more engaged in referral success.

  • Recruiter Tools: This release includes powerful new capabilities for customer facing employees to recruit advocates and enter verbal referrals. Recruiter Tools functionality allows sales and field staff to reach out to advocates and invite them to provide referrals. With Amplifinity, these referrals can be entered into the system for easy tracking and attribution. This increases program results and eliminates manual management of this important channel.
  • Referral Lead Assignment Rules: Best in class enterprises have learned that allowing salespeople to benefit from referral leads that fall beyond their territory restrictions improves program performance and Salesperson participation. Amplifinity’s solution now provides a flexible lead assignment feature permitting leads to be assigned  by product, territory or round-robin. Beta customers using this feature have seen a significant increase in customer engagement and satisfaction scores.
  • Sales Nurturing: The new platform increases sales follow-through and advocate engagement by sending automated, personalized emails to sales for new referral leads, dormant referral leads, and successful referrals. These emails help ensure that sales is following up with these high quality leads as well as engaging with advocates to thank them when a referral makes a purchase.
  • Sales Reporting: Sales leaders can increase the success of their referral programs with reporting and dashboards that highlight the efforts of sales teams by region/product and with leaderboards for individual reps. These can be used to motivate the referral performance of customer or partner sales teams.
  • Organization Hierarchy: This new feature manages the platform’s ability to support multiple levels of permissions within an organization. The Hierarchy feature provides administrators with the tools to manage several layers of the sales/partner relationship simultaneously. This gives sales leaders the power to view/manage the referral activity of their branches/regions/segments of the business and to edit and reassign advocates and referrals as needed.


Features to Drive Improved Demand Generation

Marketers want strong optimization tools and ways to encourage program participation without the hassle of operational management. The latest enhancements of the Amplifinity platform include features that marketers can use to make their referral programs even more successful.

  • Reward Choice: Reward Choice is an exciting new feature that allows marketers to offer a selection of reward options like gift cards, training, and charitable contributions. Advocates can then select the reward that best fits them or their current needs. Every advocate has different motivations and this feature will help drive increased participation from advocates.
  • Touchpoint Reporting This addition to the reporting capabilities of the platform allows the brand to report on the performance of their promotional touchpoints in the Referral, Participant Activity, and Advocate reports. By adding Touchpoint data to the reporting capabilities of the platform, marketers have yet another piece of data focused on fully understanding the behavior of participants in the referral program to optimize program promotion and extend that learning to other marketing activities.
  • Program Multi-Design: The platform now supports the ability to have multiple designs per program. Program Multi-Design will allow marketers to create a more personalized design based on the type of advocate they are marketing the program to. In addition, it will allow marketers to extend specific design campaigns currently running on their sites and make a seamless transition into their referral campaigns. Running sweepstakes or special promotions has never been easier.
  • Tax Management Enhancement: Tax compliance is an important component in many B2B referral programs where rewards amounts can rise to a level where tax information is required. Amplifinity now provides the ability to prompt an advocate/partner to complete a W-9 tax form. W-9s are required by law for any ‘independent contractor’ that earns $600 or more through company programs such as referral programs.

“We believe that advocacy addresses two important C-suite objectives revenue growth and accelerated buying cycles,” said Larry Angeli, Amplifinity CEO. “Engaging and enabling your best customers to help bring new customers to you simply makes sense. And since these prospects are referred from people that they trust, they come into the buying cycle informed and inclined to buy from you.”

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About Amplifinity

Amplifinity’s referral amplification software turns customer, employee and partner advocacy into revenue. Our platform provides complete referral tracking and management with 100% accuracy so none are missed. Enterprises like ADP and DIRECTV trust Amplifinity to enable high-quality acquisition while providing an engaging, fully-branded experience for their advocates.