I’ve been to three analyst conferences already this year and each one is creating buzz around the term “advocacy”.  Unfortunately, they all talk about it differently.  Some on the social media side simply use advocacy as a synonym for word of mouth marketing.  Others label it brand advocacy or customer advocacy. To marketers like myself, it is all a bit confusing.  I wondered what type of solutions are considered advocacy solutions and who is buying them?

After doing some research in the space and having many discussions with analysts, I realized that there are two major buckets of advocacy: advocacy to drive brand awareness and advocacy to drive demand generation.  These are two totally different initiatives and two totally different buyers.

Once you understand that separation, it is clear that there are also differences in the types of solutions that enterprises need versus those targeted at SMB.  The result is 4 segments of the advocacy market.

Advocacy explained



There is a great new white paper called “The Advocacy Market Explained” that details each of these segments as well as the buyers.  The best part is that at the end it helps you to analyze where you should get started to begin taking advantage of advocacy in your organization. I highly encourage you to read and start thinking about how to leverage advocacy to meet your objectives.

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What is brand advocacy?