Founded on sales best practices

Amplifinity referral company was born from the belief that the best business comes from a current customer telling a salesperson about people they knew who would benefit from your product or service. Combined with our socially connected world, Amplifinity founders understood there was incredible potential to take the concept of referrals and scale it digitally to create a consistent channel for demand generation and customer acquisition. Today, Amplifinity is the leading referral company for organizations with sales teams.

Our vision

Amplifinity’s leadership team is driving the vision of driving revenue growth for companies with direct sales. Amplifinity is a referral marketing company that continues to innovate for the needs of B2B companies with features that drive referrals from their customer and partner networks. In addition, Amplifinity continues to add value to its Salesforce managed package integration, providing the most advanced referral capabilities within Salesforce.

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Giving back

In 2016, Amplifinity adopted a philanthropic initiative that donates a combination of their profit, product, and employee time to equal 1% of their resources. Already they have committed to donating $5.00 to Playworks for each demo a qualified lead takes at all the conferences and events they participate in. Amplifinity employees also enjoy volunteering together every quarter at Food Gatherers as well as sponsoring families during the holidays. They are proud to join many other companies in the Pledge 1% movement.

Amplifinity drives revenue for our customers

Referrals made using Amplifinity

New customers from referrals

Revenue growth from referrals

Leadership Team

Paul Vlasic

Chairman & Founder

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Larry Angeli


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Trisha Winter


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Josh Beach


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Susie Paisley

VP and Controller

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Eric Jacobson

Financial Advisor

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