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Written by on Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Amplifinity Releases New Corporate Video Featuring Leadership Team

Amplifinity's Leadership Team speaks about their vision, the brand advocacy and referral software marketplace, and the way in which referral programs are driving unprecedented numbers of leads and new customer acquisision for their clients. The video reveals a unique look into the growth and success that Amplifinity is experiencing, and explains the ways in which they are enabling enterprise brands to create an alternate sales and marketing channel by leveraging their existing customers, partners and employees.  


Written by on Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Amplifinity Collaborates with PossibleNow to Drive Referral Business

ANN ARBOR, Mich., Jan. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Amplifinity, creator of the Advocacy Management Platform (AMP), today announced a strategic partnership with PossibleNOW, the leading provider of customer experience and enterprise preference management solutions. The new partnership will empower PossibleNOW to offer Amplifinity's platform as part of its technology implementation process."PossibleNOW shares our passion for powerful, enterprise marketing solutions that deliver measurable value for our customers," saidLarry Angeli, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing for Amplifinity. "Both our mutual customers and respective solutions will benefit from this partnership."Because brand advocacy has become the cornerstone of the new path to purchase, brands are starting to realize they must implement strategies and systems to drive and manage advocacy, according to Richard Beedon, CEO of Amplifinity. "Our growth is being fueled by our ability to help our clients turn their customers, employeesand third party influencers into very powerful sales and marketing channels," Beedon said. "These 'social' sales and marketing channels are driving brand awareness, generating new leads and acquiring new customers – at scale. Everything we do is measurable."Scott Frey, President and CEO of PossibleNOW, said: "We specialize in helping enterprises listen to and learn from their customers. Creating and cultivating brand advocates is a natural extension of that effort and a great fit for our clients. We're excited about the partnership with Amplifinity and look forward to offering even more value to our clients through its implementation."Amplifinity's AMP is a comprehensive tool for creating, managing and measuring brand advocacy programs, which enables customers, employees and influencers… Read more...
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Amplifinity creates unique and transparent relationships with our clients; relationships that are based on a mutual desire to succeed. We live by our mission: Amplifinity’s success is driven first and foremost by the long-term, measurable success of our customers.
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